Friday, February 03, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why Breakfast is Awesome

10. For the obvious reason... It's bloody good for you, so just eat it! (Well, except for maybe that waffle... it's probably not so good for you... although blueberries ARE a super fruit...)

9. I have never met a breakfast food that I didn't like. I could eat cereal for every meal, and am an egg fanatic.

8. Breakfast is the ultimate comfort food. It's impossible to be sad when you're eating it.

7. Have you ever dipped your bacon in maple syrup? It's better than crack.

6. It's the cheapest meal of the day. Unless you're eating steak and eggs. You can buy a whole box of pancake mix for a $1.

5. No one lets you eat cake for breakfast, but no one has a problem with syrup saturated flap jacks and strudel. I bet if cake and syrup went head to head on a sugar count, the syrup would win.

4. Eggs are the most versatile food on the planet. You can put anything in them and call it gourmet. (Eggs aren't just for breakfast anymore, but we don't need to tell anyone).

3. Try buttering your pancake and then sprinkling brown sugar on top. The brown sugar gets saturated and makes this lovely thick gooey mess that makes your teeth hurt when you eat it. Sometimes I put peaches on and then the sugar so that I can feel like I'm eating something healthy instead of flour, butter, and sugar.

2. There are 24 hour all you can eat breakfast places... but no 24 hour all you can eat dinner places. Ever try to get a plate of spaghetti at 3am? No? I bet you have no trouble finding an omelet. I recommend greasy spoon diners. Mm mm greasy.

1. A yummy breakfast ensures you start the day with a smile on your face. If it goes downhill from there, it's your own fault!


Carolina said...

Hello, the enamel on my teeth cracked while reading your sugar/syrup/cake filled post ;-)


Trisha said...

So right...b-fast is the best!!

Mara said...

Hm breakfast. I breakfasted on mini pancakes this morning: with butter and sugar. There is one breakfast food that is awful though: bran flakes! It's like eating cardboard en does not make me happy. At all!!!

savage.spheniscus said...

Kevin loves brown sugar and butter on his french toast. He doesn't do it on pancakes though... I am not a breakfast person. Unless someone else is making it. If all was good in my world, I wouldn't eat til 10am and then would be eating leftovers of last nights fabulous supper.

Eldhose Baby said...

Gr8 Post..

Eldhose Baby said...

Gr8 Post..

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