Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A great starter

I am a great starter of projects (obviously, as this blog was started years ago and I haven't posted since 2006). I start a diary every January, and sometimes make it to February before I lose interest, or lose the diary entirely. I'm a great at starting to clean the house... but moments in something inevitably attracts my attention and I am lost again. I am also great at starting laundry and then forgetting about it because one of my work shirts reminded me that I wanted to start a new project at work and I've gone off to brainstorm.

I attribute this lack of follow-through to the fact that I want to do EVERYTHING and there is just not enough hours in a day. I have far too many hobbies.... painting, photography, drawing, scrapping, video games, movies, writing..... the list goes on and on. How is one to get enough time in for all of them? I have gotten into the extremely bad practice of only dusting off my guitar when I go to dad's house on the holidays. How am I supposed to learn anything new?

I absolutely LOVE the feeling you get when everything is complete and you know you can sit and relax and do whatever you want without guilt. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened since I was a small child and my chores were done for the day.

Today I will make it a point to start AND finish a project... but what to start?
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