Wednesday, March 28, 2012

LOL... for real.

This morning I read a post over at Stinky Dog that made me giggle. While quietly sitting in my office catching up on my blog reading (This has been a two day process, MY you people are chatty lately), I giggle. People are staring at me through the windows of my fish-bowl office so I try to stifle it but this is really funny stuff. It then occurs to me how often in a day I write the words LOL but don't really mean them. It doesn't really mean laugh out LOUD anymore does it? It means... I appreciate your sense of humor, or I slapped this on the end of my text to show you that really I'm joking (ok... no really I'm not... your haircut really is a disaster... I just put the lol on the end to make you feel better). It means I'm trying to make you feel like your quip or quote was entertaining in some small way.

So how do we REALLY say laugh-out-loud? ROTFLMAO seems a bit much. its a lot of letters. HAHAHA doesn't really seem appropriate either. And it's kind of generic and makes me feel silly when I write it. I've decided that I need to improve on poor, misused lol. It's become like the word love. We use it all the time in the wrong context, (much like my grammar)... I really LOVE that show, or I LOVE that tattoo you just got on the side of your neck (boy are you going to regret THAT later), or I LOVE that purse (ok.. bad example... I really DO love that purse).

We are not going to re-invent the wheel here. Just an improvement. Here's what I'm considering:

  • rlol - for Really Laughing Out loud.
  • twsf - for That Was Super Funny
  • omgig - OMG I giggled.
  • suyaggmf - for Shut-Up You Are Going To Get Me Fired
  • ijscoms - for I just Spit Coffee All Over My Screen
So what do you think? Do you think I can revolutionize a world that talks with their thumbs?

I realize that with my long ab senses, most of you have found better things to read, but if you should pop in to say hello, go over and check out Stinky Dog. She has a sense of humor a lot like mine, but she has better grammar. You'll like it. lol.


rhymeswithplague said...

May I suggest MBHILSH (short for My Belly Hurts I'm Laughing So Hard), which is really true after reading both your post and Stinkydog's.

Mara said...

Did you know that when you put a calculator upside down and add lol to lol you get hihi? Just so you know!

Jewels said...

RWP - that's a good one... and when you say it out loud it can also be used as a sound effect for vomitting, which is something I really am lacking in my life.

Mara - i SO did not know that.

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