Sunday, May 28, 2006


Do you ever get tired of thinking up things to cook for dinner? I mean... there's only so many options (unless you're a chef with an unlimited budget). It just seems that we eat the same things over and over. Meat and potatoes... pasta... fish and rice... blah blah blah. I want some one to write a book with a meal plan for an entire year so I'll never have to plan dinner again. I could just come home and cook it. If you have heard of such a book, by all means, pass it on.


Why is it that our muscles never hurt while we are overextending them? Wouldn't it be much simpiler to have the warning that we are doing damage to our muscles rather than being in agony the next day? Wouldn't it be nice if your back said "Excuse me, but I beleive you should stop doing that now." As opposed to the way it screams at you in the morning... "Why would you lift all of that heavy shit? Now you are in pain because you are too stupid to live!" Although... in hindsight... I guess I should have known that there would be some consequence to painting and masking the factory floor for 8 hours... maybe I AM to stupid to live!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Doug said I had to.

Aparently an msn blog is not a real blog and does not count in the world of Doug (my road raging, rally racing, brother in-law to-be). So. Here I am. I confess, I've never had a blog before... Don't want to look like a wanker, so I'll keep my first one short. Think of it as a test run. Check 1, 2. Is this thing on? Can you hear me now?

I don't even have a tag line. Do I need a tag line? The only thing that comes to mind is "keep your stick on the ice." However, that would be cheating as I am not Red Green. I could never pass for him either, he's much more creative with duct tape than I could ever be.

Cheers. (I know... not very original... sigh... I'll work on it, I promise!)
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