Tuesday, April 03, 2012

When I Grow Up I'm Going To Marry John Mayer

I've made a very important decision.. are you paying attention?  A very important LIFE CHANGING DECISION.

When I grow up... I'm going to marry John Mayer.  For Real.  I've been listening/watching him on You Tube All morning and seriously, he's really my soul mate.  Don't tell him, but I was actually looking for something ELSE on You Tube when I clicked on his video by accident.  I knew of him... mostly from that "body is a wonderland" song that they played over and over on the radio until I wanted to scream.  It is a really good song, but I don't think I could listen to ANYTHING 20 times a day.  Anywhoo, back to my fiance.

His music is poetically written and he is a genius at sending a message with his words.  If we could all express ourselves this well the world would be at peace and they would figure out how to make chocolate flavoured spinach.  Some songs make me want to jump up on a podium for a cause and change the world, while others make me want to go hug everyone I see and tell them how wonderful I think they are.  There are a few which make me want to purchase a sniper rifle and hide out in a bunker waiting for my ex to walk by... but they are few.  There are LOTS that make me evaluate my life, for better or worse.  Even if you are not interested in his soft, smokey voice (his voice is a synonym for sex), you have to appreciate the message in the songs.  Plus, if you aren't tapping your foot or doing some sort of head bob by the end of the song you have no rhythm and something is broken inside you.

When he finally gets around to proposing to me (hubby will understand... I mean COME ON, it's John Mayer), I will send you all invites.


Mara said...

Didn't he date Jennifer Aniston for a while? He clearly already knows you are better for him!

Carolina said...

I'll be so jealous if he asks YOU to marry him, but I'll get over it and come to your wedding :-) You'll have to change your 'about me', unless your favourite song still is... ;-)

Anonymous said...
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