Thursday, January 05, 2012

I am such a 6 year old

Parents of the year bought The Boy the best gift ever. Skylanders! A better photographer would have taken a picture of the Christmas excitement or the actual present, but I took this --->

The boy brought skylanders over when he visited last weekend. On Friday night we watched him play a bit, and it looked like good fun, but I was happy when it was time to turn it off and we could move on to other things. Saturday morning, The Boy got up early and spent the morning patiently chatting with me while I fixed breakfast, and then tentatively asked.. "do you want to come and play Skylanders with me? You can play with two players!" Super unexcited but happy he wanted to spend time together, I went with him. 15 minutes later I was hooked. 4 hours later hubby came down stairs to say it was lunch time and to ask us if we planned on eating... 5 hours later we took a break to run to walmart and get more Skylanders so we could get more stuff in the game. At 10 we guiltily went upstairs to find Hubby... it was New Years Eve after all! All my careful planning for games and fun went down the tubes as we had blown the whole day playing video games. However, I have never seen ANYTHING hold The Boy`s attention for this long. Not even the precious IPOD.

Sunday morning we got up and played until he had to leave, taking the game with him. I`ve been in withdrawel ever since.

What the heck is a Skylander you ask? It`s this ---»

I tried to go buy one for myself, but they are sold out all over the place. I am patiently waiting for the boy to come back on Friday... so I can play with his toys!


Carolina said...

Oh wow! How cool is that? Definitely proof you're not getting old. I'm never getting old either. I've played the Harry Potter computer game a lot, a couple of years ago. Trying to get a better score each time. I'm purposely avoiding WordFeud, I know I'll be hooked the moment I get the app on my iPod. Did you know that playing computer games is very good for your mind? Having to make split second decisions, react fast, etc. Keeps your frontal lobes in shape. The best excuse ever ;-)

Jewels said...

Terrific! I can't wait to tell Hubby that video games make me smarter.

Carolina said...

(off topic: I noticed you've been catching up on my posts and liked them, hehe. I can assure you that no photoshopping was involved in any of the photos. There really is that much of cuteness going on around here. And I might be going for the stainless steel or the black one. :-))

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