Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome Back

I didn't make many resolutions this year, but this blog is definitely one of them. I hereby resolve to take at least one daily photo, and blog at least twice per week. I will do this for the entire year, come hell or highwater (<--- who came up with that expression anyway?).
Now that business is out of the way, I should tell you that this picture is of the stone in my front garden. Pretty huh? Thank god the people who owned this house before me knew how to garden.
Also part of the New Years tradition, is my goal to be healthier. After the last year of hell, this will not be a challenge. I worked way too much, and ate horribly as a result of it. When I wasn't working, I was in a zombie-like-coma until the alarm went off again. It was dreadful. However, my boss has promised me that things will be looking up for me in the new year, so here I am, making promises. Fingers crossed.
Not only am I making promises for myself, but also my furry four-legged fiend, Fia. It's -1 degree outside but we tortured ourselves by sneaking out for some fresh air anyway. See ---->

She had much more fun than I.

Happy New Year Everyone


Mara said...

Lot of work? Check. Bad food? Check. Go outside more? Should check. Hope your resolution will remain as good ad mine!! Happy 2012

Jinksy said...

One degree is marginally better than one degree under... Look on the bright side! Hehehe! ♥ Good luck with your resolutions - I gave up on making any years ago - it avoids disappointment?! LOL

Jewels said...

Mara - It's day 2 and I'm still on track. I'm usually good for three weeks or so. LOL. This year I tried to set small goals.. baby step ones that I know I can keep.

Jinksy - It's snowing today. Definitely in the minus territory. Thanks for the encouragement!

Carolina said...

And a HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours too ;-) I'm so glad you are back. I've missed your wicked sense of humour. Good luck with keeping those resolutions. Glad to see that Fia is looking well.


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