Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Present For Me? You Shouldn't Have!

I love Christmas. I've always loved Christmas. I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve, and I still wake up way too early on Christmas morning. No one, however, loves Christmas more than Fia.

This is her opening her present from Hubby's parents on Christmas morning. I thought it silly, at first, to wrap presents for the dog, but after watching her hilarious display of excitement I am a reformed pet owner. She somehow knows that the presents are not to be touched until she's told to, even though I'm sure the rawhide treats smell delicious through the wrapping paper. She carefully pulls the wrapping paper off in pieces to get to her treat. It's like watching a four year old open toys. The look of betrayal when you take the whole package away after she's done opening it and only give her one piece back is priceless. Like she won the lottery and then had to split it with 50 other people. If she was a person I would explain to her that eating 30 rawhide sticks all at once would make her sick, but this is the dog that will eat anything. She even likes broccoli. And onions.

I realize now that I am slowly becoming one of those pet owners that treats their dog like people (you know, those ones that I usually make fun of). However, I draw the line at dogie clothes. That's just ridiculous.


Carolina said...

Awww, I see that you're definitely one of 'them' now. Friends of us have a terrier called Ruby. Last week it was the terrier's birthday. Friend ordered a cake with Ruby's picture on it for the occasion and invited family for the birthday party. I mean... WHAT? I don't even know when our pets have their birthdays. We're having a party every day of the year and that should be enough ;-)

Anyway, you should buy snow boots for Fia. If only for the laughs:

Jewels said...

Well... she does shiver when she goes outside.... NO! NO DOGIE CLOTHES!

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