Tuesday, January 03, 2012

It's just a freaking coffee maker!

Hubby has hummed and hawed about getting a tassimo or a keurig for some time. A really long time. Way longer than the usual century he spends mulling over a purchase of this nature. Last Christmas he decided that he thought he may want one, someday, and if he was to purchase one, hypothetically, he was sure he would get the use out of it. Hubby drinks a lot of coffee... A LOT of coffee... and tassimo runs at about 5o cents per cup. Which adds up. Hubby, being the thrifty man that he is reluctantly agreed that this was probably not the coffee maker for him. (I should mention at this point that whatever store we are in, hubby must ALWAYS look for a new coffee maker... it's sort of a compulsive thing). So last Christmas I decided against buying him one and everyone was satisfied.

Recently his boss brought a Keurig to work. Hubby bought some cups for it and quickly became addicted to the smooth richness that is brewed out of the tiny contraption. Hubby began talking about how much he loved it, and how he wanted one REALLY bad. I, being the caring soul that I am, secretly bought him one for xmas, wrapped it, and put it under the tree. Two weeks later, I found it at another store for $30 cheaper, so I ran home, unwrapped it, returned it, in favour of the exact same, but cheaper, Keurig. That same day I had a lovely conversation with hubby in which he mentioned how the Keurig fanaticism was wearing off and how he didn't really need one after all. So now it's the week before xmas and I have no gift ideas. AHHH. I ended up purchasing tickets to see American Idiot (which hubby has been talking about for a long time) instead. On xmas morning, everything was fine until the end of the present opening came and hubby said..."what, no Keurig?" I nearly lost my mind.

Hubby: Well can you get me one?

Me: NO! I've already spent enough, and the tickets are not refundable

Hubby: But I REALLY want one.

Me: Than you will REALLY have to get it yourself.

Later that day we arrived at his sisters house for supper and he noticed that his sister had received a Tassimo for xmas. This started the moaning and groaning all over again. Why, oh why didn't HE get a coffee maker?

Even later that day we arrived at my fathers, opened our gift, and beheld the glorious, the beauteous, Tassimo coffee maker extraordinaire! Hubby was properly grateful. I was relieved that xmas was saved and everyone was now satisfied, and life went on as it should.

I would like to note here that hubby really was grateful for the tickets, he simply wanted the coffee maker ALSO. And thanks to my dad and step mum for saving the day.

Also the coffee is good.

Really good.

Worth the 50 cents.

I'd pay a dollar

(shhh.... don't tell).


picture shamelessly stolen from here


rhymeswithplague said...

Hubby, although I'm sure he is excellent in many other ways, sounds like a real whiner. Was he an only child, perhaps? Many in this country would use the phrase (I never would, of course) "bitch and moan" to describe his method for instilling guilt in you regarding the non-aforementioned coffee maker(s). He should (and I trust he does) appreciate what a great wife he obviously has.

I wrote the previous paragraph only because you say he never reads your posts, so if he does happen to read this one and this particular comment could you give me advance warning when he decides to look me up and knock my block off? Also, tell him I'm 70, and it is wrong to hit old people.

rhymeswithplague said...

Also, I think you meant hemmed and hawed....

I'm just sayin'.

Jewels said...

Sorry. Hemmed and Hawed... definitely one of the most riduculous expressions that I have never actually seen written down.

Hubby was mostly teasing (with some underlying truth). And he doesn't hit old people.. much. And yes, it's very wrong to hit old people.

Carolina said...

Man! Wouldn't it have been hilarious if you'd have ended up with both coffee makers? Phew! Talking about a narrow escape.

I'm pretty sure neither my parents, nor his mother, will give my hubs that much wanted mixing thing. So perhaps I will. But which colour?

Jewels said...

The red one of course! Red makes people want to eat!

Carolina said...

Does it? Better choose another colour then, in view of the New Year's resolutions ;-)
I was thinking about black. Or brown. Or orange. Or white.

Jewels said...

What colour is your kitchen? I saw a terrific lime green one once.

Carolina said...

We have an 'open plan' house and the colours are mainly grey (or gray, whatever), black, light oak and dark orange as an accent. Lime green could be good though. I'll have to do some more research ;-)

(somewhere on my blog, not too long ago, I've posted some photos of our interior)

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