Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mission: Purse Minimization

Last week I was reading a post about purses and the junk we keep in them over here at Carolina's called Reading Handbags. This post, of course, made me think about what I keep in my own handbag and why I keep it there. Carolina is a minimalist, while I am most definitely NOT, but greatly admire. I was going to take a picture of my purse so that you could understand the self-made chaos I battle on a daily basis, but am too embarrassed. Particularly by the jar of Dry Garlic sauce which made it in there last week (it rolled out of the grocery bag in the truck) which has STILL not made it out of my purse and into the house. So I have stolen the lovely picture of a most coveted lap-top bag, (which I really really want... imagine what I could pack in THERE) from here. If you are at all interested in girly bags you should check it out because they are exceptionally awesome, if pricey.

In my purse right now:

  • 14 receipts which need to be filed with the rental stuff

  • wallet - jammed with more things that need to be filed and one speeding ticket which should probably be paid soon

  • 1 jar of dry garlic sauce.

  • 2 household bills which need to be filed.

  • random make-up that is there for emergencies which i never seem to need

  • a package of pens - you never know when you'll need 3 ball point pens all at the same time

  • my blackberry

  • a pair of mittens

  • a gift certificate for a clothing store

  • a receipt book

  • a recipe for cake balls (this looks really good)

  • pay stub

  • earrings

  • hair clips\

  • 3 different colours of lip gloss

  • a calculator

  • small bottle of Tylenol

Wow. It looks really bad when you write it all down. Its a wonder that I don't need back surgery. Why do I need all of this? I don't. Particularly the dry garlic sauce. For someone who has a purse buying addiction you'd think I'd be more organized.

I'm not even going to TELL you what's in my laptop bag.

Mission: Purse Minimization!

  • Find laptop/purse combo so I can only have ONE bag full of junk instead of two.

  • Clean out and file stuff that most definitely does NOT belong in said bag.

  • Make spare ribs with dry garlic sauce

  • put business paperwork where it belongs to make tax time a little less frantic

I have printed off this list and put it in the purse. I realize that this is probably the wrong idea, but putting it in the laptop bag practically guarantees that I'll never see it again.

What a perfect excuse to go purse shopping.


Carolina said...

ROFL (mainly about the Dry Garlic Sauce)

What? No chainsaw?

Love the laptop bag. You'll never find your laptop hidden under all that other stuff, but hey... you can try ;-)

Jewels said...

There is a separate pocket just for your laptop... I checked just in case I happen to have an extra $200 lying around... I don't know if I could fit a chainsaw in there... but wouldn't it be cool if I could?

Brynn Brown said...

I can relate! I used to carry an obscene amount of 'stuff' in my purse, but then I realised I don't actually use most of the stuff I was dragging around. I have the contents pared down to wallet, lipstick, blush, hand lotion, nail clip, and phone....and sometimes my kindle. :P

Mara said...

Working with mostly men has made me realise a bag is just a hindrance when out and about. So, I have a very small one that I can stick in a bigger one if need be. And when I went to Canada I stuck that bigger one in an even bigger one! Mm, perhaps I am just like everybody else...

savage.spheniscus said...

You're so funny. I STILL don't carry a purse. I have trouble even having a wallet. I am forever just transferring cards from one jacket/pair of pants to another. It's not really a good system, I lose things. But I just can't make myself do the purse thing. Unless it's summer and I'm wearing a dress and it's absolutely necessary. Even then I've been known just to carry my debit card in my hand...

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