Monday, June 08, 2009

Why do we never say what we mean?

I understand we were all raised to be polite individuals, not to upset anyone unless unavoidable, and to put other people before ourselves. I think these are all basically good life lessons... except somewhere along the way we stopped expressing ourselves completely. For example:

Polite: Can we talk?
Reality: I am REALLY pissed off and you'd better do something about it!

Polite: I see. Why would you think that?
Reality: You are being paranoid again, and aren't listening to what I'm saying.

Polite: I understand how you feel.
Reality: I will say absolutely anything to get this conversation over with.

Polite: I'm sorry.
Reality: I'm not really. I'm only saying that so you will stop nagging.

Polite: Nothing is wrong.
Reality: I'm going to make you suffer in silence until you can guess why you're in trouble.

Polite: I'm Fine.
Reality: You are in SOOOO much trouble that I can't even speak to you!

Polite: I need to be by myself right now.
Reality: I think that if we stay in the same room together for one more second, I'll throw something heavy at you. Or possibly something sharp and knife-shaped.

Polite: I'm doing my best to communicate effectively with you.
Reality: I'm so frustrated I want to pull out my eyeballs!!!! Why don't you listen to what I'm saying!!!

Polite: I think I need a drink.
Reality: I need a drink to numb the irritation. I may have two. Scratch that, I'll drink the whole damn bottle.

Who else has one?


Anonymous said...

"It's OK"

Aka: It's really, really not and I WILL bring this up again...all the time...

Jewels said...

LOL. Good one!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Very funny post - loved it.

Polite: I am wondering why you cannot understand my point of view.

Meaning: Did you have to work hard to be such an argumentative, self-centered b_ _ _ _ _ _ or does it come naturally to you!

I've signed up as your follower - love the blog ~ Eddie

Jewels said...

LOL. I'm going to use that one tonight I think!

recipes for the life said...

Hilarious!Hits home hard :D
♥ Chaitra

Carolina said...

Hehehe, nope, can't say that it sounds familiar ;-)

Great post. And I mean that!

Jerry K said...

The one that always kills me is when the conversation leads to: "You know what? Do what you want." That's when I know I'm in trouble and I better do the opposite of what I want.

Maverickml said...

"I am not ready for a relationship right now."

This is the one I am familiar with.

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