Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adventures in Landlording

I think I've mentioned before that I've been renting my house out to a lovely couple for about a year now. Or, they were a lovely couple until the lady of the house decided to live elsewhere.... leaving the now-bachelor gentlemen to live by himself for 2 months. I'm guessing that was the last time the house was cleaned...

Yesterday I got the keys back! Very exciting. Hubby and I were hoping to paint and do some minor maintenance before the big move. Here are some of the interesting things we found:

-Full fridge, complete with leftover pizza and something I think used to be a sandwich. Oh. and the fridge was UNPLUGGED. Yummy.

-Colourful hockey stickers all over my trim in the living room. They are very sticky and will most likely need to be scraped off. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge hockey fan, but I don't need a sticker from a cracker-jack box to remind me how much I love Wayne Gretzky.

-Said couple had a beautiful 4 year old son who apparently is quite an artist! What a shame they wouldn't get him some paper so he could take his creative scribbling with him instead of leaving it behind all over the carpet, the walls, and the baseboards in his bedroom. There is also a lovely display in the upstairs hallway so we can all be inspired every time we make a trip to the loo.

-They also left a complete science experiment in the bathroom, complete with colourful displays of mold and mildew on the shower curtain. I wasn't aware that it came in pink. How cool is THAT?

-They left their beautiful brass bargain-shop coat hangers screwed to my dining room wall. Now, I can conveniently hang my coats on the wall for decoration! How inventive. I'm sure it will add great ambiance during dinner parties.

-These people REALLY loved to watch cable. There is cable stapled to the walls running all over the house. Unfortunately, I may have to remove it as it doesn't match the beautiful, original oak baseboard that it's stapled to.

-I think the entire family was afraid of the dark as they removed all of the doors to the bedrooms... we did happen to find them in the upstairs closet. I suppose night lites weren't available where they were shopping, but now I have a complete open-concept bedroom style. I should send a photo to House & Home magazine... maybe I can start a trend!

-Mystery substance on the wall of the master bedroom. Ok. I can't even make a joke about this one. EW.

So, instead of painting, hubby and I will clean the house from top to bottom and steam clean the carpets, and repair damages (particularly a large hole that seems to have appeared upstairs). How exciting!


jinksy said...

How sad that there are people around with no respect for another's property. Good luck with the refurb!

tamara hellgren said...

I hope there was a security deposit so you can recuperate your expenses after repairing all the damage! I think a lot of people tend to assume that landlords have it easy--just sit back and make money. I've always felt it's better described as being a caretaker for adult-sized children. On the bright side, it'll be great feng shui for your property!

Suldog said...

Geez, what gives with people who move and don't clean up after themselves? I'd be so ashamed to do something like that.

agrantham81 said...

Hope it all comes up ok.

We have drawings on the carpet here. But is MY carpet. No way will it still be there when we sell and move from here. For that matter I doubt the carpet will be here either.

But we own. If we were renting I waould be paying for the landlord to be able to replace the carpet. Well at least get the carpet, DH can lay it. (Carpet layer by trade so not being shonky).

Best of luck.

kle said...

holy shit!!!! don't you have laws or something protecting you as the landlord??? that's awful! I'd have been horrified to even think of leaving a rented place in that state!

Carolina said...

Oh my god, how awful for you. You must be so disappointed. Although you tell the story in your usual hilarious way, I am laughing out loud, you must have been near crying I guess. Good luck with the restoration works.

Jerry K said...

I was always amused/disgusted when house-hunting to see how some people lived. And then if the current owners were there, they were so proud of their palaces! Unbelievable.

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