Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My new found love for Italian Meat.

Did I ever mention that hubby is of Italian decent? This has opened me to all kinds of new experiences... Italian food and cooking... people with outdoor foyers on their houses (kind of hard to explain really... it's like a sitting room, right outside your front door... kind of useless actually), and women with facial hair. Ok, that last part isn't true, but I've heard stories.

Today we're going to talk about the meat. I was never a fan. I mean... meat that is stuffed in an intestine and hung in a dark cellar for months at a time? Sounds scary.

Hubby's parents always have this plate of meat that's freshly sliced and available for snacking. It has a variety of salami's and pepperoni. At first I shied away from the mystery meat. I had never eaten it as a child... most of our diet revolved around living in good old farm country where folk eat meat and potatoes and not much else.

However, one day while watching hubby's obvious enjoyment, I decided to be brave and try some Salami. It was the hottest thing I had ever eaten. WOW was it hot... but not right away. Before the tears there was a lovely smokey taste that was heaven in my mouth. After that it was hard to stop eating it.

I have since learned that each different Salami comes from a different area of Italy, like red wine in France. They're all lovely really, although I would have to say my favourite is Genoa. YUM.

So interested was I in this new love of mine, that I decided to get some information on what exactly was in it to make it soooo delicious. This may, or may not have been a mistake depending on your point of view...

Salami may be made out of one or more of the following meats...
  • pork
  • venison
  • beef
  • poultry

Horse? Really? Do people eat horse meat?

It is at this point in my research where I recognized, yet again, how woefully ignorant I am about cultures outside the world of North America (or inside it for that matter).

The main ingredients that go with the meat are

  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Minced Fat (MINCED FAT? How appetizing does THAT sound?)
  • Wine (It IS Italy after all)
  • vinegar
  • other various herbs depending on the region.

The word Salami actually means "salted meat". Easy enough. That's why it tastes so good... and why it causes high blood pressure. My general rule of thumb is: If it tastes good, it's usually bad for you.

In short... this sketchy, mystery meat is quite delicious but should not become a lifestyle if you value your figure... it runs around 90 calories per slice (and thin slices at that) and most of those are from fat. Yummy, but deadly.

Edit: I just realized that my title kinda sounds like the description on a porn video... but in the interests of entertainment, I decided not to change it.


Carolina said...

Hmm, yes, really disappointed I was to see that it was about salami. I had higher expectations. Or were they lower?

Anyway, if our horses behave badly, I always threaten them with: "Watch it! Salami!" It usually works.
I don't eat meat anymore, but I used to like Italian saucages. Oh, dó get your mind out of the gutter. ;-)

jinksy said...

A title to cause a smile or two is no bad thing- but I'm sure NOBODY would have thought of your alternative interpretaion if you hadn't mentioned it... Am I kidding? LOL Here you may give a horse laugh...

ConfusionFusion said...

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Jerry K said...

Thank you for that lovely and moving tribute to Italian meat. I myself eat a diet strictly of salami and ice cream.

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