Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Power Of Nature

The summer sky, taken after the last storm

Don't get me wrong. I love a good storm. The lightning, big peals of thunder, the sense that there is something out there that's still bigger than we will ever be. However, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing.
I'm writing this because I've just returned in from outside, where the beautiful August afternoon is trying desperately to shine while purple storm clouds await on the horizon. The looming, glooming kind of purple storm clouds.
Afternoon storms have become an event around here. Several power outages at work have caused major problems. I sit here praying to mother nature to pleassseeee hold off just a few more hours so production can finish.
It's not going to storm, it's not going to storm, it's not going to storm. Come on, say it with me!
My chinese fortune cookie said that if I was nice to people, good things will happen to me. I'm going to go now and run around the office to tell everyone how fabulous they are. Do you think that's enough? How nice is nice? Maybe if I get everyone coffee the rain will hold off until I go home.
Proving once again, that coffee is the answer to everything.
Update: No Storm! Horray!


Carolina said...

Love the photo. Did you tell everyone how wonderful they are? I'm just wondering if that is why there wasn't a storm.
I'm curious; what kind of company do you work for?

Jewels said...

Ya. I did. I believe it went something like...

" I think you're super-great. Can you go outside and do a rain dance so the lightnings don't come?"

Or some close appproximation of that.

I work for a automotive paint facility. I schedule the production for our plant... just what I wanted to be when I grow up.

Carolina said...

I'd love to have seen a large group of people doing a raindance in the parking lot of your company. Would have been a hit on YouTube ;-)

Now I know why you care so much about the power outages at work.
(Wouldn't be PPG by any chance? It is one of hubs's clients.)

Jewels said...

We purchase some product from PPG and other companies like them. We paint plastic moldings for automotive manufacturing (mostly Honda and GM).

Carolina said...


And yet, you want hubby to drive a Toyota. The car that speeds up at unexpected moments, or simply doesn't brake ;-) Tut tut. Glad you/he decided against it. A nicely coloured Honda or GM-one might be a good choice.

Sorry, couldn't think of anything else to say. Have a great weekend.

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