Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The top ten reasons why I appreciate my job.

This is an exercise in job appreciation. Because I really don't appreciate what I have as much as I should (does anyone?). Mostly I run around bitching about my job because it can be stressful sometimes. However, anything worth doing is stressful....

Top 10 Reasons Why I Appreciate My Job.

10. I learn new things everyday. This keeps my brain stimulated. I'd probably be drooling in a corner without that.

9. Occasionally I get to solve really big problems that make a difference.

8. Tim Hortons is right around the corner so I have a 24 hr coffee supply.

7. My office has air conditioning (if you knew how hot it was inside of the plant you'd understand why this is on the list. I used to work out there... not nice. Heat makes me cranky).

6. It comes with a paycheck. Fancy that!

5. I need some amount of stress to function... LOTS of that here! Functioning really well.

4. I get to boss people around. Mucho satisfaction.

3. Occasionally people realize that I know what I'm doing and the thrill of watching them look sheepish never gets old.

2. It forces me to get out of my pajamas everyday. Ok. I don't even know why that's on the list. I HATE getting out of PJ's.

1. The people I work with. Who also feel unappreciated. They have become my surrogate family... even though I'd like to run over them with my truck occasionally, it all works out in the end.

This is one of my coworkers. She makes my job easier on a regular basis and I think I would have probably quit if she wasn't here. I have no idea why she wouldn't let me take her photo (hence the blurriness... ok, so I suck as a photographer... thank god I don't do THAT for a living). I'm going to post this and send it to her as a message that she should LET people take nice photo's when the opportunity presents itself. Now the entire blogging community is going to think she has a blurry face.


Carolina said...

I'd say those are 10 good reasons. Apart from the pajamas one.
Speaking of 10 good reasons... can you see where you're going yet?
Do you look as intelligent as you obviously are yet?
In other words, do you wear glasses yet? Because your co-worker does not have a blurry face in this photo. Honest!
And she seems very nice and looks good on a photo.

Jewels said...

LOL. Yep. I have glasses. They're my old ones from ages ago which I forgot I had... somehow I missed my optometrist appointment... I'm not really sure how that happened.

I can almost see now!

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