Thursday, November 04, 2010

Introducing Miss Fia

This is the newest member of our family.

We rescued her from the Humane Society. Can you believe someone would give her up? She is a besenji mix. I have no idea what she's mixed with, but she's super cute. And so sweet. She very rarely barks, and loves to cuddle. She is happiest just being in the same room as her humans and is very playful.

We named her Fia - which is Italian for Flame apparently, because of her red coat. She looks kinda like a red fox, but hubby said I couldn't name her Foxy. He didn't want to be yelling that around our neighbourhood, as the hookers might get the idea that he was talking to them.

I was nervous about getting a dog. We're not home for long stretches of the day and I was concerned about leaving her alone. We started out with a crate. The first day we left her alone I put a big fluffy pillow in there for her and her water bowl. When we got home she was sitting in a giant pile of fluff and most of the water bowl had been eaten. She had also managed to eat the plastic tray in the bottom of the cage and some how kick it out completely.

On day number two we left the big pile of fluff in there, no water bowl and gave her a kong to chew on. She managed to rip the curtains down from inside the cage and eat the curtain rod, and the curtain.

On day number three, we moved the crate to the center of the room. We came home and she had chewed the crate until she somehow escaped and was running around the house. She bent the sides of the bars with her teeth. Luckily, nothing was destroyed, although she had collected 1 shoe from each pair that hubby and I own, and piled them on the couch... mercifully they were in pristine condition.

On day number four we came home and she had bounced the crate over to the spare bed and had eaten a chunk out of the mattress - from inside the crate. She then bounced it over to the dresser and chewed off the knobs for the bottom drawer.

At this point we decided that we could no longer keep her in the crate. Not only did she not enjoy it, but we were quickly running out of solutions, and the crate was rapidly deteriorating from her teeth of destruction. We decided to leave her out while we went grocery shopping. We left her for about an hour and then returned home to check on her. Again, she stole our shoes and slept on top of them, but chewed nothing! We have left her out ever since and she's been lovely. There have been a few times where the teeth of destruction have gotten out of hand, but nothing that would not be expected from any dog left alone.

She is a very sweet dog, and someone spent a long time training her to be well behaved. I suspect that she wore a bark collar at one point, because she is very reluctant to bark or whine. When she does she gets this surprised look on her face... as if she is unsure that the sound actually came out of her own mouth.

More doggie stories to come. Isn't she cute?


Heather said...

She is very cute, and even cuter is the way she trained you to behave, lol! Smart dog.

Jinksy said...

Cute but destructive?! :)

Jewels said...

Heather - she has totally trained me. My whole schedule revolves around her now.

Jinksy - a litle destructive... but the cuteness outweighs the damage.

Carolina said...

She is cute. I bet she does a great job pulling your dogsled. Basenjis don't bark. They sort of howl if they are happy. Perhaps that is why she doesn't bark (your neighbours must appreciate that too). I'm feeling a bit sorry for her that she's left alone during the day, but I understand that you love her to bits and hopefully make up for leaving her by giving her lots of attention and long walks when you are at home.

She reminds me of the wolf in 'Roodkapje': "Grandmother, why do you have such BIG ears?"

Congratulations and may you all be very happy together :-)

(Hookers in your neighbourhood? Keeping other Canadians warm in their igloos?)

Jewels said...

Carolina - our neighbourhood has gone downhill somewhat since we moved in. lol.

Carolina said...

haha, same here. It used to be very chic to drive a Range Rover. Until we bought one.
And suddenly everyone along this road is putting their house up for sale. Coincidence? I think not.

Jewels said...

LOL. It's probably because you named it and now everyone thinks there's something in the water that made you crazy and they're all trying to run away.

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