Saturday, January 24, 2009

Video Games

Are you a gamer? I wouldn't call myself a gamer... more of a gaming enthusiast. I like to play, sure, but mostly only trivia related and puzzle games. Although I do like quite a few of the RPG games. My all time favourite being Final Fantasy. Currently I'm playing Zelda: Princess of Twilight on the Wii. It's realatively simple, but the puzzle aspect and the story line are what draw me the most. I've loved Zelda from the beginning. And I just recently learned that you can download most of the previous Zelda/Link games for the Wii directly to your system (for a small fee of course). This means I will no longer have to set up old consoles when I'm feeling nostalgic. Yard Sale here I come!

I also like to watch other people game. Since my hand eye coordination is the equivalent of that of a two-toed sloth, I find it more interesting and exciting when someone else is at the helm. I like watching games like the god-father... or scary stuff which I would never have the courage to play by myself... I know, I'm a coward. I still like to jump on the bed from three feet away so that whatever is under there won't get me. In short, the Wii is the perfect system for me. It has easy games, and I get to practice that all important hand-eye coordination. Maybe if they had developed Wii when I was a kid, I would be more graceful.

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