Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What do you consider a necessity?

I was reading an article on MSN news this morning, about what qualifies as a neccesity and what we consider a luxury. Like most of you, I am seeking ways to save money and decrease monthly expenses.

I was shocked to find that most people considered cable tv a necessity. TV, really? Come on. If you can't survive without 50 channels, maybe you should consider getting a hobby. Besides... if you have an internet connection, you can watch most shows online anyway. Why pay for it twice? It is one of the first things I have considered cutting should we lose any more income.

Faster downloading was also considered a necessity. Lite Internet vs unlimited downloading is a difference of about $50 a month for cable Internet. I would consider downloading excess amounts of data a luxury, unless you need it for work. Most libraries offer free Internet services, plus there are numerous Internet cafes if you need your online fix. Inconvenient yes, but not impossible.

Most people consider having a car a luxury. Where I live, I have to have a car. There is no public transportation from one town to another here, but if I lived in a big city I'd be taking the train. Or carpooling. Not only is it healthier for the earth, it's better for your pocketbook.

Luxuries we have that I could live without if I had too...
  • Clothes Dryer - I could hang to dry, but it's inconvenient.
  • Microwave - I could heat it up in the oven, but again... inconvenient
  • Cable tv/internet
  • Cell phone (we all know how I feel about THAT)
  • Take-out food

What would you give up if you had too?


Anonymous said...

TV - definitely. My phone? I could live without it if I had email, although it would be harder. Internet connection at home as I have one at work.

Maybe not all three at once though!

Ms. Neha Gandhi said...

outright in the face...whoaaa...its so amazing that these things are so intertwined in r lives... that we start considering them to be part of us...difficult to imagine life without a phone/tv/internet.

the rest may be...umm ...

agrantham81 said...

Haven't had TV in years. Not even the Free ones. So can and do live without them.

Could probably if I had to live without my internet (ARGH!!!) especially now McDonalds offers free wireless, however think the healthier option is to keep it on at home. LOL.

Car, have lived without one for a month or two last year, but for preference wouldn't go back.

Dryer - I am trying to use less and hang about 1/2 my washing out.

Phone, we make no STD calls on the home phone and we are on a capped plan on the mobile. But we could reduce that plan if we needed to.

I've done a pretty big cut back fairly recently. I am pretty well down to diet changes and scrapping supplies. And we know they of course cant be lived with out.

Diet wise I cant eat chocolate at the moment cause it upsets the baby so we are sasving there for the time being. LOL.

Jerry K said...

I simply could not do without by extensive collection of Fabrege Eggs. They are just divine! And quite useful too.

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