Monday, May 17, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Saturday morning dawned happy and sunny for the first time in weeks. We were visiting hubby's parents, who live in the Niagara region. There were lots of blooming lilacs, and blooming lilacs bring all kinds of beautiful butterflies.
Here is the boy attempting to catch a beautiful butterfly. His tactic is to smash the net over the poor critter while hoping that he doesn't squish it with the edge of the net. He's not very subtle. Ever.
Beautiful lilac. Can't you just smell it?

I said, "show me your butterfly hunting face", and this is what happened.

The beautiful butterfly The Boy was chasing. It looks sort of like a monarch, but isn't. Mental note to google that later.

Daddy has taken the net from The Boy in an attempt to capture the butterfly without smashing it. Daddy demonstrates the technique GENTLY with success.

Hubby and The Boy coaxing the butterfly into the bug carrier... incidently the butterfly DOES NOT want to be in there.

MISSION COMPLETE. Said butterfly is contained safely in its temporary home. All in a days work.
note: no butterflies were hurt in the making of this post. All butterflies captured were released after much oooohing and awwwing.


Carolina said...

The butterfly looks like an Atalanta. We have them here too.
I didn't smell the lilac. I can only smell the Colosan that I've spilled on my shirt and that has a very distinctive (and not very nice) odor. I'll have to wash my shirt and hope for the best. Who cares about the shirt anyway (it IS my favourite), if only the horse will recover fully ;-)

Carolina said...

I'm very self-obsessed right now. Sorry.
Lovely photos. You'll have to have book about butterflies handy next time, so boy can actually learn something.

Jewels said...

Carolina: The butterfly hunting was an improptu event, so no unfortunately no book was available at the time. Will have to remedy that.

You are entitled to be self-obsessed. Your horsey is sick and you smell funny. Who wouldn't be?


Suldog said...

Yay! I'm glad to hear the butterfly was not hurt and that it was released later. I'm serious. Lovely creatures, and so much more beautiful when flitting about in their way.

Jewels said...

Suldog - agreed. The Boy is very sensitive and would never hurt anything intentionally, but does tend to get a little over excited at times. As most 9 year olds do.

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