Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Daily Shout-Out

Today's featured blog is Dr. Krog's Read Along Blog. I'm not sure if it's redundant to write a review about a blog that's about reviews... but who cares?

Most of you who know me are aware that I am a science fiction and fantasy writing junkie. I used to aspire to be a writer... but that dream was lost in the sands of time and the realization that I would never have proper grammatical skills, (just ask Carolina). That being said, I do love to read a good book, already I have several of the titles from Dr. Krog's reviews on my wish list. I'm sure that they can't ALL be brilliant, (I'm pretty picky with my reading), but what an opportunity to find out if the book is worth reading from someone who actually writes! The internet has made everyone a critic, but an informed opinion is hard to come by. Please take the time to pay him a visit and comment.

Happy Reading!


Carolina said...

Okay, now my aim is world domination. Since you are the second one today to refer to my blog (for which I thank you very much).

I will visit Dr. Krog, since you are you and I like this 'The Daily Shout-Out' project, although I'm not a huge fan of reviews. Not after we once or twice visited restaurants that were highly recommended to us by either professional critics or people we know and we were on almost all occasions bitterly disappointed. (I'm not at all sure if this was grammatically correct.)

However, I'm off to Dr. Krog's now.
Bye my dear ;-)

Jewels said...

World domination huh? Can I have a job? Preferably keeping the horsey friends entertained? Cause you'll be a busy lady. World domination sounds like hard work.

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