Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Ross the Teflon Guy

Recently I wrote a post about my Angel Food Cake Experiment. The following day, I was shocked to find this comment:

My Dearest Ross:

I wasn't endorsing your product. Thinking back I probably should have used the words "plastic coating" instead of teflon, as I'm not even sure it WAS teflon. I certainely wasn't recommending that other people use your product, unless of course you're planning to cut me a check for the advertising expense? No? I didn't think so.

So I'm thinking you're a guy, who is paid to google the word TEFLON as some sort of market research experiment. Wonder if that pays well? Sorry, I digress. Anyway, I'm thinking you're just doing your job so I'm not going to go all spastic on you - but if you had bothered to read any of the other posts in my blog, or read Angel Food Cake post a little more thoroughly, you would know that I DO NOT, infact, write a cooking blog. I would never do that to the general population. Maybe a learning how to cook blog. Or something entitled "if my family depended on me to bake, they would all STARVE." Or possibly a how NOT to cook blog. Yes, that would work.

I purchased the mystery-coated pan as part of a personal journey into the world of ---> I'm a woman, I should know how to cook. (Do you like my arrow? This is what I use when I have no idea what punctuation is supposed to go where! Very effective, isn't it? Maybe I should use it more often). I did not purchase the pan because I think your product is wonderful, merely because it was on sale and it had Betty Crockers name on it (she's a cook or something right? Very famous-ish).

So... to make a long rant short - I think you should find a new career Ross. Your current one isn't very popular.

P.S. Please do not try to sell me anymore of your products. If I have need of a cookbook or a recipe I'll find it on my own. That being said, if you happen to stop by for another visit, please do us all the courtesy of responding without the sales pitch.



Carolina said...


Although I do feel a little sorry for poor Ross.

Dear Ross,
I love my Teflon coated 'hapjespan'. I don't know what a 'hapjespan' is in English, so I Googled 'Teflon coated pans'.
Nów I know why you were so happy with Jewels' endorsement (which it turns out not to be) of your product. Not many positive publications on the internet about Teflon coated pans.
I'd take Jewels' advice and find a new career if I were you.
However, should you feel the need to make me happy, you could send me a new Teflon coated 'hapjespan' as long as you are still working there, with a glass lid. The Teflon coating has been scratched in one place. That was befóre I read Jewels' successtory about the Angel Cake. Oops.

Kind regards, Carolina

morethananelectrician said...

Ross probably received three cents for this...that almost pays for a glass of water.

blognut said...

Poor Ross.

What is teflon?

Jewels said...

Carolina - ROTF. I don't know what a hapjespan is... I can't even pronounce it. Hap-je-span. When I said it out loud, hubby thought I sneezed.

I'm not sure it's worth 3 cents. Poor Ross is making a tough living.

Blognut - teflon the plastic coating on non stick pans. It's what makes the egg slide right out of the frying pan.

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