Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Catch up craziness!

I've been under the weather for a bit and am desperately trying to get everything back in order. I've missed reading all of your blogs, and am looking forward to catching up in the next couple of days.

On the Bermuda front... this looks like it's not going to happen. We have yet to hear back about our questions, which has me concerned. We haven't completely taken it off the stove, but it's definitely on the back burner. Hubby was contacted for an interview at a local insurance company though! Which would be ideal. He interviews next Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

I am desperately trying to think of ways to keep my step-son busy for the entire week of March break. We have purchased some model rockets, which hubby is very excited about, depending on the weather. He is very crafty, but I'm beginning to run out of projects. Anyone have any ideas?

Still haven't won the lottery... no surprise there. Keepin the dream alive though!

Hubby is very ill this week, but is stubbornly refusing to take care of himself, and refusing to let me do things for him. He is being very good about not complaining, but I know he has a fever and is feeling like someone ran over him with a tractor. So, to punish him for not letting me help, I bought him the worst-tasting cough medicine I could find and watched while he drank it. Then immediately felt bad when I saw the disgusted look on his face. It really is terrible, but seemed to work quite well. He happily takes a swig every 4-8hrs and does not blame me at all.

We are moving back to my old house on June 1st. I'm in the process of contacting movers ect. Here's a photo:

It a 110yr old monstrosity. I had moved out a while back and rented it to some lovely people, but now that money is tight again, we've decided to make the move back as it's closer to my work. I only lived in it for 8mths after I bought it, and it seems strange to be going back. These photo's are from when I first purchased it in 2006. It needs some cosmetic love, but you can't beat the price.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Jewels, your house looks just beautiful, a home, so characterful... Sorry you've been feeling under the weather. The stress of moving can't have helped, and may have knocked hubby off his perch - Is it 'man 'flu', perchance?!

Jewels said...

I'm not sure what 'man flue' is, lol, but hubby really is sick. Poor guy.

Mistra Hoolahan said...

Oh your poor hubby... mine complains badly when he has a slight cold, so your man is legend in my eyes! Hope he gets better soon!

Jewels... your house is gorgeous, I wouldn't call it a monstrosity... perhaps that's the cultural difference?! Paint it white and stick a picket fence out the front it would be sweet as!!

Best of luck with moving, that can be very stressful... hope you can find some activities to keep your little man busy, good luck there!!

Jerry K said...

Very cool-looking house! Sorry about the island letdown, but it's Bermuda's loss.

Carolina said...

Your house looks lovely! It is a 'real American' house, so different from the Dutch houses. I love it! And I really like the colour.
Hope that you and your hubby will be feeling better soon. All the stress around moving and maybe Bermuda, joboffers etc. will probably not have helped.

Hugs my friend, all the best to you both, stay calm, keep breathing ;-)

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