Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Readers:

Dearest Jinxy, and those who are now paranoid about using your exclamation points:

Don't be afraid to use your "shift 1"
it is perfectly fine, when properly done.
It's not that I hate it,
or find it uncouth,
I just tend to dislike it
when it's over-used.

So please don't be hasty,
or call me unkind
I'm just writing down
these opinions of mine.

I'm not criticizing
or knocking it down,
just telling a story
and being a clown.

Don't fret my dear readers,
for I do so adore
this sharing of stories
and laughter galore!

(tee-hee, thank god I'm in manufacturing and not an author trying to make money! This made me giggle).


A Woman Of No Importance said...

Made me giggle too, JewelsShift1 x

Trisha said...

Nicely done LOL

Dughallmor Beagles said...

I am SO NOT going to comment on the coffee post and was thinking of never visiting again, hrmph..but I can't help loving your blog!

Also love the poem, very clever :D

Jewels said...

Do I have to write a poem about coffee too?

jinksy said...

OK, so I'll allow the bandying about of my name - but did you have to use the jinx version? Moi? A jinx? Now, a minx, maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's poetic justice, I feel;
love, jinksy xxx

Jewels said...

sorry jinksy. I should have checked first.

Carolina said...

Who would have thought that the whole ! thing would inspire you to write a poem?
Great stuff [exclamation mark]

Big smile ;-)

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