Friday, February 13, 2009

Cheesy Talk Shows

I remember watching day time tv with my mom when I was a kid... I don't remember them being as horribly cheesy as they are now. It's Friday morning, I have the day off work, and Jeff has tuned in on Maury. I didn't think Maury was a cheesy show... wasn't there a time where he was respected and talked about real issues? Todays - and I suspect MOST days - the show is about paternity testing. How can there possibly be that many people who don't know the paternity of their babies? I mean, I know that sometimes life is crazy, but WOW. And better yet, who could have guessed that it would be entertaining for the masses? I personally think it's a load of crap. It dramatic nonsense what sells these days? What happened to quality tv? Everyone expects cheesiness from shows such as Jerry Springer, but now it seems as though they're all the same, with the same topics. Surely we have more important things to discuss than this.

For me, these shows are on equal footing with those trashy tv court shows. I'm not sure whether it's supposed to be funny or not, but I find it sad.
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