Saturday, February 14, 2009

To all the Valentines Scrooges:

So. I've heard several people comment on the "commercialism" of Valentines Day, (interestingly enough... these people are mostly men...). Come-on guys. Is it that difficult to do something nice for your significant other? Who said you had to buy anything? Cook a nice meal, finish your hunny-do list, do anything sweet and romantic!

February is a month of blah. Someone created a holiday to get rid of the blahs. Now the complainers are turning it into something we should be ashamed of because stores and manufacturers take advantage of it? So much the easier to buy valentines for your sweetie!

I, for one, have taken advantage of the day and bought Jeff some lesson books on playing the guitar. Just fun things. I've included free lessons from myself. So now, not only does he get the opportunity to try something new, but we get to spend more quality time together and have some fun.

Hubby did something extraordinary for me. He fixed my grandmothers clock. I can't believe it. I cried. I was downstairs scrapping a photo of them last week when I heard it go off. The clock has been broken for three years (creepy right?). So I came upstairs asking hubby if he'd heard anything. He said no, hoping that I would just drop it... but of course, i CAN'T do THAT! So I unpacked everything in the spare room closet and unwrapped the quilt that covered the clock, and there it was... ticking away. Best present ever. Yesterday I also received some beautiful pink roses, and a lovely card. To top off the celebration, we had the last of the crab legs last night with some fillet. It was to die for. Which is a good thing, because it will probably be quite some time before we can afford to throw money frivolously at such delicacies.


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Jerry Kazdoy said...

You can't beat surf and turf on Valentine's Day (or any day, actually).

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