Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Love My Truck

I can't help it... I love my truck. It's not a truck really, it's an SUV. I know in these environmentally conscious times I should be driving a compact like a focus or a civic... but I loooovvve my truck. I suppose that makes me selfish, if not irresponsible. It's economically ridiculous to be driving it when I should be motoring to work in something much more fuel efficient, but I love my truck.

I guess it's my redneck roots coming out in me. If I could afford it, I'd buy an even larger truck. I can't help it, I'm a truck girl. If someone asked me whether I'd like to have a corvette or an F-150 Super Duty... I'd definitely get the F-150. It's just so much cooler than a stupid plastic corvette. I like the luxury of space, and I like being higher above the road than anyone else. It makes me feel safe.

My truck has a sunroof. Nothing makes me feel more free than flying down the back roads on a summer day, with the sunroof open, and Bob Seager playing on the radio - the ultimate summer music, which is closely followed by Collective Soul and John Cougar Mellancamp. The world has unlimited possibilities and I can do anything. <---- I'm sure there is some psychology wrapped up in all of that but I'm too cheap to pay to find out what it is.

So no. I won't sell my truck and buy a compact. Trucks are a dying breed. I'm sure someday I will be forced by manufacturing circumstances to down-grade to something inferior... but for now, me and my escape are just fine.


Jerry Kazdoy said...

Hey, be proud of your truck. I had to rent a car once. They offered me an Echo or something. I asked if they had a truck, so I ended up with a Dodge Ram 1500 for a week. Neighbors and co-workers were surprised that I was driving a truck; must be my bookish good looks. It was fun for the week I had it, and I will tell you one thing: Nobody cut in front of me that week. That was the best part, and the part I miss the most.

Jewels said...

No one cuts in front of me either... I drive too fast.

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