Friday, February 20, 2009

Chocolate does not belong in tea.

Yesterday my boss (the BIG boss) brings in tea for everyone (this is very unusual... normally he justs hands out money for a coffee run). The tea is Chocolatey Chai. I know what you're thinking.... who wouldn't want to put chocolate in EVERYTHING!! I love chocolate, and I love herbal tea, so why not put them together? Well. I'm here to tell you that it is a VERY bad idea! *Although... I should note here that it smells absolutely heavenly*

It's kind of hard to describe the flavour... kind of like cinammon flavoured dirt. Really HOT cinammon flavoured dirt.

I finally got the nerve today to tell him how terribly horrible it is, (because who ever wants to say anything bad to your boss... especially when he's trying to do something nice). The only reason I did it is because he threatened to bring in more. I don't think I could choke down another cup.

In the spirit of, "Hey, this tastes gross... wanna try some?" I encourage you to go forth and buy tea. I'm interested to hear if you think it's a terrible as I do. Maybe I'm crazy and ate too many mud pies as a kid.



Carolina said...

Thanks for the warning. I have never seen chocolatetea. But I think strawberrytea and forestfruittea and all the other fruitflavoured teas are as horrible as pineapple on a pizza. So if I see chocolatetea I will not buy or try it. Yuck. ;-)

Jewels said...

You don't like pinapple on your pizza? Are you feeling ok? It's my favourite. Pinapple, ham, and bacon. Way to go.. now I have to have pizza for supper... mmmm cheesy pinapple... I can taste it already!

Chazya said...

Chocolate is not good in Chai...and black and green tea does not taste good flavored.

Herbal teas with no black or green tea in them are delicious!

My favorite teas are Celestial Seasonings Dessert Teas. They come in flavors like English toffee, almond sunset, and Chocolate. They are actually heavenly and have never failed to curb a sweet tooth. All i add to them is a little cream or coconut cream and not sweeteners at all.

But flavorings with black tea or green tea I have never liked. they should stay plain with a little cream or lemon juice.

Jewels said...

Chaza - I have to agree. Celestial Seasonings are great. I like the peach one. My current favourite is Tetely berry medley. It's strictly herbal with no black or green tea. I drink it without cream or sweetner (I always drink my tea black... unless it's black tea, than a little milk and sweetner).

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ha! And Yuk! All at the same time....sounds gross! But Carolina....have you lost your mind?? Pineapple is the best pizza topping EVER! Does anyone remember when they took out chocolate baked beans for Comic Releif? Or was that just here in crazy old Blighty? Probably :D
Anyway, it's late, i'm tired, and when i'm tired I talk (and type) nonsense! So i'll stop. I just dropped by to say hi and thanks for your visit earlier, following now :o) Oh, and I loved your Blue post!

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